Aircraft crashes at Cork airport

A light aircraft crashed at Cork airport at 9.50AM. Six people are dead and six more injured.

The plane crashed while attempting to land and burst into flames.

A spokesperson for HSE South says six people are confirmed dead, and six injured.

The Aviation Authority say there were 12 people aboard the plane, two crew and 10 passengers. The plane was FLT400C, a metroliner SW4 Manx2 commuter flight from Belfast.

It is understood the aircraft made two unsuccessful attempts to land in poor visibility and crashed on its third approach to Runway 17.

“Witnesses said the cockpit had been visible moments before my arrival,” said NewsWhip’s Rory Fitzgerald, reporting from the scene. “I saw a number of fire engines and emergency vehicles. At 11.20am three  slow-moving ambulances left the wreckage in convoy, without their sirens on.”

“Cork airport and access roads are completely closed off. At a back road near the southern end of the runway of Cork airport, a crowd of onlookers has gathered. A guard in monitoring the crowd said: “the four people who were alive were taken off first and are in a hospital.”

Images taken by Rory at the scene can be seen here.

Cork Airport’s emergency plan has been activated, and emergency crews from the city and county are responding. Gardai have appealed to people to avoid the airport and traffic to stay away as they escort ambulances to local hospitals.

The Gardai have urged motorists to avoid the South Ring Rd, Kinsale Rd, and Cork Airport.

The aircraft was earlier reported to be on fire, although it is understood the flames have now been extinguished, with debris spread over a wide area.

The airport has been closed, and incoming flights are being diverted to Shannon.

The accident will be investigated by the department of transport Air Accident Unit.