Ireland ranked number 1 for royal wedding related internet searches

Despite being a republic and having a long history of conflict with England, people have often commented on the surprising interest the Irish have in the British royal family.

Nowadays, few Irish people would admit publicly any interest in the royals. However, the advent of the search engine has given us a window into people’s secret desires and interests.

Google Trends is a site which tracks and graphs the interest in a particular search term across the world. unsurprisingly, the search term “royal wedding” went through the roof yesterday, becoming the most searched-for term in the world.

However, more interesting is the fact that Google breaks down the searches by nation. Yesterday, we stumbled upon the extraordinary fact that – after the UK – the country most interested in the term “royal wedding” was Ireland.

Despite our population of merely 4 million people, Ireland generated more searches for the term “royal wedding” even than the much more populous Australia and Canada combined – despite the fact that the prince will one day be king of both those countries.

Then, we were astounded to discover that Ireland ranked ahead of even the UK on Google Trends for the search term “Will and Kate.”

So we tried a few more royal wedding related terms. The results give lie to the claim that the Irish are utterly disinterested in the royals. In fact, we seem to be more fascinated by the royals than anyone on Earth, as these search terms show:

First, the term “Kate Middleton”

And the common misspelling of the same name:

“William and Kate”

“Kate wedding”

“Kate royal wedding”

Ireland even comes in second with more obscure royal-related terms, like “Clarence House”

And, here we are on the biggest search term in the world today: “Royal wedding”

Will union jacks secretly flutter behind closed curtains in villages across Ireland today? It seems that Ireland’s secret fascination with monarchy has been revealed…